The Best Large Dog Harness: Soft Leash Padded No Pull Dog Harness from PetLove. Overall Impressions: Dog harnesses with a front clip have the leash attachment placed in the center of a dog’s chest. They are a practical way of harnessing the dog without taking away their freedom. These types of dog harnesses are best suited for obedient dogs, regardless of their size or shape. Fabric: Most harnesses are made from nylon or other synthetic fabric which is easily adjustable and suited for wet weather. Different Types of Harnesses for Dogs . A well-trained dog means having better control on your walks. It is a simple option in which you lay the harness flat on the ground and make your Fido step in the two holes separated by the square or perpendicular strap in the middle of the harness. There are two primary types of harness you’ll see on pet store shelves. Modern dog harnesses (like horse harnesses) can be divided into two main groups: Y-harnesses (full collar harnesses / collar and hames harnesses) Breast Strap Harnesses (chest harnesses) Both types of harness can include an additional saddle piece, with or without lining … Thanks to the front chest clip, owners have more control over their dogs and the direction in which their pets are moving. Dog Harness Buying Guide Types of dog harnesses. Often called the standard dog harness, as the name implies these types of dog harnesses go over your pooch's head first. $27. Their... © 2020 The standard over-the-head harness requires a 2-step process to take place (placement over the pet's head and then body strap) that takes slightly longer, which may not be the best for dogs without patience. Back clip dog harness. Premier Pet Easy Walk Harness®: This was one of the first front-attaching harnesses on the market.When the dog gets ahead and pulls, it redirects the dog’s attention back to you. Can you adjust the fit? This guide explains the differences between three main types of dog harnesses: front-clip, back-clip and dual clip (or multi-clip), including their pros and cons, how they compare to each other and which dog harness type may be better for your pet. The main difference? Traditional ribbon-style harnesses, like the Blueberry Pet Spring Prints dog harness, offer a variety of prints and colors with numerous adjustment points to ensure a comfortable fit. Instead of pulling your dog away (back), because the clip is on the pet's chest, an owner can pivot the dog (turn to the side) with a slight pull, usually causing the dog to turn toward the owner. One option is a safety harness that easily attaches to the seat belt, keeping your dog comfortable and secure on the road. With a dual-clip harness, you have the option of attaching the leash to the front or back of your dog, depending on their behavior. At this price, it's the best back-clip harness option available. The back-clip harness is perhaps the most common. Comfortable for dogs to wear and easy to adjust. Different types of dog harnesses will require different approach – back clip dog harness, front clip, step-in and over-the-head harnesses. Key Features: The chest band makes this harness perfect for bigger breeds with broader chests, such as Great Danes, Boxers, and Weimaraners. There are even harnesses that come with three, four and more attachment points (both in the front and in the back), called multi-clip dog harnesses. Back-clip Harness. Certain breeds or activities will require something sturdier than your everyday harness. The back-clip harness is particularly useful for small breeds since they have delicate throats which can easily be harmed by collars or improperly placed front-clip harnesses. Dog sports are growing and more types of harnesses are being developed, including the Y-back style and guard or distance harness. The variety of dog harnesses available on the market today is getting bigger and bigger, but most of the harnesses belong to one of the following four types of dog harnesses. These 8 examples are the industry-leaders in each category and have all received overwhelmingly positive reviews. We can help. Covered in soft padding and featuring an elastic neckline, you won’t find a more comfortable harness for your dog. Sled dog harnesses. Is it affordable? These labels will give you an idea on which type of dog harness best suits your pets.