It typically contains gin (obviously), lemon or lime juice, simple syrup, club soda, and an egg white (more on that in a sec). A "Collins mix" can be bought premixed at stores and enjoyed alone (like a soft drink) or with gin. GIN FIZZ | Och skillnaden mot en Tom Collins Citron och gin när det gifter sig som allra bäst. Tom Collins Recipe Deliciosamente refrescante, esta bebida clásica con ginebra es toda una maravilla con Bombay Sapphire. Jahrhundert hatte Jerry Thomas, der Urvater der amerikanischen Mixkunst, die Rezepte zweier Gin-Cocktails niedergeschrieben, die auch noch heute zu hitzigen Diskussionen in der Barszene führen. One 1912 recipe book lists a Tom Collins also with Dry Gin and Whiskey made the same way. Classic Gin Fizz Cocktail 3 mins Ratings. If you were to walk into a bar today and order either a Gin Fizz or a Tom Collins … The difference between a Tom Collins and a Gin Fizz can be summed up using the following simple rule: one is stirred, while the other is shaken. It’s the end of the Labor Day weekend and according to my Grandmother this is the last weekend that we could – or should wear white. Quoting David Wondrich: ‘there are few arguments in the world of bartending more perennial than the distinction between Collinses and Fizzes1)’.