The film 300 took more creative liberty with the past than that directors cut of Braveheart where Mel Gibson punches out King John wearing a mirrored tuxedo. See more ideas about Race quotes, Spartan race, Spartan. Your Fathers are Citizens, The Shield with your Left(Arm) Show, Hit/Throw Boldly the Spear, Don’t Spare … The detachment 2/6's motto is "Never to quit". “The warrior must never get angry in war.” ― Lailah Gifty Akita. Dec 21, 2018 - Spartan Race Quotes. In our biased opinion, we think obstacle course racing is the true test of athleticism as it requires full body strength, mental focus, endurance and grit. “A warrior with a cause is the most dangerous soldier of all.” – Michael Scott. 41. After changing the team name from "Aggies" to "Spartans" in 1925, various incarnations of a Spartan warrior with a prominent chin appeared at university events and in university literature. ‘Rise up, warriors, take your stand at one another’s sides, our feet set wide and rooted like oaks in the ground. Warrior quotes to make you braver. Never question where my heart lies, because it’s forever yours. Molon labe is the motto of multiple military units, ... the round shield that was a Spartan warrior’s principal piece of equipment. Lead Ahead, Sons of Sparta that has Good Men. In this life and the next.” ― Jaclyn Osborn, Axios: A Spartan … Spartan is on the road to becoming an Olympic sport, which we are particularly passionate about as both Spartan warriors, Spartan mindset, and Olympics were born out of Ancient Greece. Here is a look at some of the best Navy SEALs sayings and mottos that will motivate you. With mottos ranging from 'It Pays to be a Winner' and 'The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday,' the SEALs is credited with the death of Osama bin Laden and every major war fought in modern time. ‘ ‘…learn to love death’s ink-black shadow as much as you love the light of dawn. “I will kill any man and turn the whole world to ash for you, my warrior. Each infantry detachment in the Marine Corps has their own mascot, and I think the Army works this way too, so it is no surprise one of our mascots would be a Spartan warrior. 40. The Persian War was a 50 year series of conflicts between the Greeks and the Persians, for control of the Mediterranean. Leonidas (Mid 6th century–480 BCE) was the king of Sparta who led the Spartans at the Battle of Thermopylae (480 BCE). 42. The motto of Mayo High School is 'To be a Spartan is the very best one can be'. So then you probably assumed that all the cheesy one liners growled by Gerard Butler during the film were the brainchild of some hack Hollywood writer. The United States Navy SEALs is a primary special operations force that is a part of the Naval Special Warfare Command. Sparty is the mascot of Michigan State University.Sparty is usually depicted as a muscular male Spartan warrior/athlete dressed in stylized Greek costume. Quotations from the Greek hero Leonidas resound of bravery and a foreknowledge of his doom. I fear neither battle nor death, but I fear the day you are not by my side. “You are my heart,” he (Eryx) said…. “Any great warrior is also a scholar, and a poet, and an artist.” – Steven Seaga. As it turns out though they were […]