When I used to live in Louisiana, my neighbor used to mash up some of the potatoes so I do the same in this recipe. Add potatoes and cook until tender but still firm, about 15 minutes; drain and chop. Creole Potato Salad is about as far from bland, boring potato salad as you can get. And lots of … There’s also green onion bits for even more color and texture. It is a potluck must and the only recipe for potato salad you need. 1/2 cup Creole mustard (recommended: Zatarains) 2 tablespoons apple cider vinegar It has tons of seasoning, plus Creole mustard along with hard-boiled eggs, celery, green onion, and parsley. Combined with mayonnaise and sour cream this is one creamy, delicious potato salad with a little zip! It’s overflowing with creamy New Orleans mayonnaise, Creole mustard, and the Cajun trinity. Join the discussion today. This is not a spicy dish, but is meant to be served alongside Cajun dishes, such as Gumbo. This down south potato dish is great for potlucks, barbecues, picnics, church gatherings, or for whatever event you need to serve. Cajun Potato Salad made from potatoes boiled in crab boil, the fabulous Trinity trio of vegetables, a flaky Creole seasoning, spicy mustard, southern Chow Chow & what else but bacon! The 20 Best ALDI Finds for November Are All About Cookies & Thanksgiving. 3 pounds red potatoes, scrubbed well and cubed. Southern Potato Salad is super creamy with a blend of mayonnaise and mustard, hard-boiled eggs, sweet onion, sweet pickle relish, and celery. Why This Cajun Potato Salad is the Best Ever… This Cajun potato salad isn’t just another potato salad. 3/4 cup mayonnaise. As a favorite side dish, potatoes get plenty of attention because the are so cheap, inexpensive, and easy to cook. I make this recipe to serve with Gumbo. A southern style potato salad for all occasions. I also call is Mashed Potato Salad. The secret to my Mom's potato salad is in how you cook the potatoes. Article by Mary Foreman | Deep South … Deselect All. https://divascancook.com/southern-crowd-pleasing-potato-salad-recipe https://iheartrecipes.com/southern-potato-salad-recipe-soul-food Bring a large pot of salted water to a boil. Southern Potato Salad, family gatherings are not the same without Mama's potato salad, cubed potatoes, chopped onions, chopped dill pickles, chopped boiled eggs, and mayonnaise with a little mustard. Read the Chef Paul Prudhomme's Louisiana Kitchen Cajun Potato Salad (Original) discussion from the Chowhound Home Cooking, Cajun food community.