Keep the long view in mind," Aboul-Enein recommends. I'm a guy and I see that some of the male stereotypes are true, but not all. This stereotype is harmful because it treats nursing as inferior to being a physician, when, in fact, both roles are necessary to patient care. Modern society has seen many males and … Of course, as all nurses know, nursing is a physically, mentally and emotionally demanding career. Male nurses often face discrimination from patients, families, and fellow nurses. According to Mid America Nazarene University, for the 3.2 million female nurses nationwide, there are only 333,000 male nurses. Men in Nursing: Breaking Stereotypes. FEBRUARY 16, 2017. Due to this perception, nurses who are men face sex discrimination. ", Facing stereotypes through education and awareness. Treat such comments by patients as teachable moments. “Nurses are too busy to get to know their patients” Many people think nurses are perpetually busy … This isn't just a politically correct thing. As a minority in their occupation, male nurses experience gender-based barriers and negative stereotypes that female nurses … Overall, male nurses made an average of $60,700 a year compared to female nurses who made about $51,100. Written by Julia Tortorice. male RNs make over $5,000 more than females. Approximately 89 percent of nurses are women, and 11 percent are men. Some patients will also assume that any men wearing stretch scrubs must be doctors in training, a corollary to the above stereotype. 3.2 million nurses are female, and they account for 91 percent of all nurses; only 330,000 are male. There is currently a shortage of qualified nurses. In 1970, just 2.7 percent of RNs were men. Economic factors have impacted many men, causing them to expand their employment choices. Since they make up less than 10% of the total number of nurses, they are often spoken down to and teased for their choice of career. Interesting article discussing men in nursing and the gender stereotypes. Visit the website to learn more about working as a male nurse and to find nursing jobs in areas that interest you. Media is to blame for this stereotype. Here's the deal: our society needs more male nurses. Interesting article discussing men in nursing and the gender stereotypes. As a result, caregiving activities are often associated with women’s roles. Written by Julia Tortorice. To top it off, some men are just genuinely interested in the field. Historically, nursing has been a female-dominated workforce. A Look at Negative Nursing Stereotypes. Male nurse anesthetists made as much as $163,000 a year. However, the number of men entering the field is on the rise, according to the U.S. Census Bureau: Let's see what the experts say about shattering male nurse stereotypes. I've had patients ask me how many years do I have left before I become a doctor or others who have mistaken the female doctor as the nurse and me as the doctor. All nurses work 12 hour shifts! This would help paint a positive picture of male nurses as a whole. Male nurses have long been viewed as “less masculine,” notes a study in the American Journal of Men’s Health in November that attempts to put this stereotype to bed. For instance, in the 2000 comedy Meet the Parents, Greg Focker (played by Ben Stiller) is a male nurse, and there are running gags throughout the movie that center on making fun of Greg precisely because he is a male nurse and doesn’t work in a more “masculine” profession. When I was a young RN, I had started a job in a nursing home where an older adult female resident mentioned, 'Oh, you're a male nurse!' Nursing is a great profession, and it continues to attract more and more men, nurse stereotypes continue to usher an interesting heart-to-heart discussion as it concerns the profession, yet, we are all nurses working collectively to achieve health for our clients, male and female. In the movie Meet the Parents, Ben Stiller plays a male nurse who receives constant teasing from people who make assumptions about his career. Treating male nurses as a joke, rather than taking them seriously, further contributes to stereotypes and undermines the serious work that nurses of all genders do. One common male nurse stereotype stems from the female majority in nursing. It can be hard to address preconceived notions but taking the time to educate them can help.". However, they currently represent only 12% of nursing students and 9.6% of Registered Nurses. In 1970, the percentage of men in these fields was only 3.9 percent. Nurses Are In High Demand. There are more men than ever doing jobs which were once considered to be for women. Although male nurses are common, they often deal with stereotypes and face prejudice while on the job. Many believe that although women have made great strides in male-dominated fields, men face more criticism for stepping… Problems for Male Nurses. Male nurses are either not shown at all, or they’re portrayed to be the butt of the joke. Legg offers this perspective to men considering the nursing field: "Another way to help combat stereotypes is by educating the patient on how nursing — like other fields — is not a gender-specific role. A Look at Negative Nursing Stereotypes. By Daily Mail Reporter Updated: 02:55 EST, 15 November 2011 Men play a critical role in the healthcare system as nurses, and it's extremely rewarding to care for patients at this level," says Steckler. Troy Steckler, senior vice president of clinical operations at MedExpress, speaks candidly about male nurse stereotypes. A larger portion of the nursing workforce in the military is comprised of male nurses. "Using humor can help address the stereotype of nursing being for females by flipping their perspective. Author. As if nursing wasn’t already tough enough, male nurses have to contend with a lot of negative, gender-based stereotypes whenever they don their cotton scrubs.These stereotypes make it more difficult for male nurses to do their jobs well, especially if patients are suspicious of their competence just because they’re male. Exploring occupational gender-role stereotypes of male nurses: a South African study. Job declines in trade, due to automation and the aftermath of the housing crisis, make nursing a more attractive option in a shrinking job pool. There’s no doubt that male nurses are in the minority. Maybe it's time to stop reinforcing that stereotype. ing male nurses and often request that a female be sub-stituted. Many hospitals require 12-hour shifts due to the nature of the work, … These male nursing stereotypes harm male nurses and the patients they’re trying to treat. Common stereotypes that the shows reinforced include the nurse who is mistaken for a doctor and the gay or emasculated male nurse. 5. Nov 12, 2020 | Blog, Men in Nursing, Nursing Diversity. "It's important to note this stereotype is often fueled by a patient's own insecurities and fears. 6 Reasons Men Should Become Nurses. Don't take it personally; keep calm and be patient with them. Imagine the cultural power of a richly diverse population of men in nursing, with a broad array of racial, cultural, and lifestyle diversity represented within that nursing microcosm. I'm a guy and I see that some of the male stereotypes are true, but not all. The first male nurse in America. But subconsciously, many of us still hold gender stereotypes that suggest men are doctors and women are nurses. Machobane_BF.pdf (985.9Kb) Date 2018. Employment discrimination comes in many forms, but for male nurses the most common remains sex discrimination. Male nurses who rise through the ranks on their own merit can obtain the opportunity to challenge the prevalent stereotypes towards male nurses and even potentially changing public perception. Men represent 41 percent of nurse anesthetists, which is one of the highest paying specialties. We need gender blindness about service provision in all our public services. I have yet to see a male nurse role in a movie or on TV that is cast in a positive light and not constantly degraded and insulted. Men are expected to be ambitious and career-driven, while women are expected to be caring and nurturing. Sex role stereotype in nursing has been shown to elicit role strains in male nurses using a Role Strain Instrument in a sample of 367 randomly selected male RNs in Oregon (Egeland and Brown, 1988). As a man in nursing – I find the term male nurse offensive it’s almost saying this is an unusual profession for a man?? They are introduced and perpetuated by the media so that the general public thinks this is what nurses are. Male Doctors, Female Nurses: Subconscious Stereotypes Hard to Budge. If patients make these kinds of statements, try to use it as a teaching moment to educate them about how nursing is not a gender-specific field and explain why nursing is just as legitimate as being a physician. With a median salary of $70,000, it's similar to the average wage for college graduate, which makes it an attractive career choice for men and women alike. The “male nurse” stereotype In a study developed in conjunction with the California Institute for Nursing and Healthcare, Coalition for Nursing Careers in California and the American Assembly for Men in Nursing, researchers attempted to more clearly articulate issues around the reasons for the small percentage of men in nursing . The nurses that these stereotypes are supposed to represent are completely at odds with what nurses actually do. According the South African Nursing Council, 91 413 nurses in South Africa are female and 5 302 are males. Although nursing began as a male occupation, nursing now carries the stereotype of being work for women. RNs looking to break nursing stereotypes can pursue an advanced degree, such as an online BSN to DNP, and become leaders in the field of health care. By Kris Lamey, Contributor In the movie Meet the Parents, Ben Stiller plays a male nurse who receives constant teasing from people who make assumptions about his career.The stigma against men entering the nursing field is unfair and widespread, and for aspiring male nurses, stereotypes are often a deterrent to pursuing a worthwhile career. Traditionally, nursing hasn't been considered a feminine job. No matter your gender, it takes resilience and toughness to make it as a nurse—and it is not automatically easier than any other health care profession. As a result, many people simply haven't encountered a male nurse, according to Timothy J. Legg, RN-BC, academic program coordinator at Walden University School of Nursing. Source: Weaver R, Ferguson C, Wilbourn M, et al. This would help paint a positive picture of male nurses as a whole. Nursing is growing faster than other occupations. I am a female starting nursing school soon and I am SO utterly annoyed with how Hollywood portrays male nurses. View/ Open. Again, educating patients on the evolving role of nursing and how it's not a gender-specific role can help combat this stereotype," advises George Zangaro, RN, FAAN, Associate Dean at Walden University School of Nursing. Without nurses to actually take care of patients and execute the day to day duties, doctors would be able to heal a lot fewer patients. Men become nurses because it’s easier. An increase in healthcare wages also created more interest across the board. The percentage of male licensed vocational nurses or licensed practical nurses has increased too. a few good men male nurses defy stereotypes and discrimination to find satisfaction in a female-dominated profession by lisette hilton may 14, 2001 photo:margie paschke [color=#666600]about 6 percent of nurses today are male. Putting the stereotypes to bed: Study finds male nurses are MORE masculine than other men. Shattering Male Nurse Stereotypes. That’s one man for every 9.5 women. According to Mid America Nazarene University, for the 3.2 million female nurses nationwide, there are only 333,000 male nurses… Although some women do prefer female nurses in fields like obstetrics or gynecology, most don't have a gender preference when it comes to nurses or physicians. Prior to Nightingale's reform As a man in nursing – I find the term male nurse offensive it’s almost saying this is an unusual profession for a man?? Male stereotypes are pervasive in the industry, but you can help address this by identifying and surrounding yourself with good mentors and staying focused on why you entered the profession in the first place. but while the discriminatory practices against men nursing … Maybe a few people decided to enroll in nursing school because they couldn’t get into medical school, but the vast majority of nurses—both male and female—have deliberately chosen nursing. Other numbers make it clear why nursing is an attractive profession regardless of your gender. Since most nurses are female and most doctors are male, some people make the leap to conclude that any male nurses must have tried to make it as doctors, but couldn’t cut it. While women have been making inroads into male-dominated occupations for decades, men enter a nursing field with a significant female majority. The invisibility of men in nursing perpetuates the stereotypes and makes it even harder to challenge the status quo. Due to their minority status, male nurses are believed to be susceptible to stereotype threat effects in the field of nursing. She laughed at that one!". While this isn’t a high number, it does prove that not all nurses are women. The 2019 median pay for registered nurses was $73,300 per year, much higher than the median annual wage for all workers, which was $39,810. This stereotype is also related to the idea that being a doctor is superior to being a nurse.
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