Out of all three of the other characters, Original Nikolai shows the highest respect for Original Dempsey while he and Original Richtofen appear to have a strong friendship, but deeply hates Original Takeo. Things are going to get a lot worse, before they are going to get better. Ever changing, ever shifting. I can barely hear what you are saying.Said to the player while searching for the code units. Systems...operational. I will destroy!Said while walking around. Is it foolish to hope this gum will make me better man?Upon consuming a Gobblegum. Provide cylinder code. How 'bout another favor for best friend Nikolai? Do it now.Said when the players are given the Valkyrie Drone task. Return it to me. It's very pretty shield! When translated to English Gorod Krovi Means City of Blood. I was hoping for 'no more pain or sorrow' GobbleGum.Upon consuming a Gobblegum. I think someone was making fun.Upon receiving an SMG. Insta-Kill? This article is a list of quotes that characters say from time to time, from the second Zombies map Verrückt. Have you ever heard the phrase - 'hell hath no fury like a woman scorned'? Why didn't this happen LAST TIME I had no ammo? Our blood!Said while walking around. I'm sure it will be delicious! I don't know, maybe some of the paranoia is starting to rub off on me! Do you believe in the soul?Said while the players are completing the tasks. The less we speak of the blood, the better. I think. Point is, he's kind of surplus to requirements these days. Said when interacting with a Groph Module Launch Control console without a code cylinder.Cylinder code required. We all know how important you must be.Upon consuming a GobbleGum. Especially that business with the blood vials.Takeo: I believe there is bigger picture that we are not yet able to see.Dempsey: You know the saying, Tak. Searching out just the right versions of you - the ones who held the key to closing off the other dimensions. ", but the thing is, all I can really do is give things a little nudge! It's always that the stakes are high when the ammo runs low.Upon running out of ammo. !Upon getting hit by a zombie. No.) Destroy hostile!Said when seeing a player. You know you've fucked up when inanimate objects tell ya you don't got enough.Upon having insufficient points. Maxis...liked me. Even though, no one, is listening! Thank you for preventing our destruction. Actually, why would I say such a thing? Rubber, sandpaper. Wait... you familiar. The entirety of the universe is fractured and broken. Do it properly.Said upon attempting the Valkyrie Drone task again. You'd be hard pushed to find any historian who wouldn't list this in the top 10, all time, most horrible events in human history... even without the dragons.Said when Nikolai Belinski gets downed. Information extraction is a... mostly... painless process.Said when the players complete the Dr. Gersh task. He would NOT like you.Said while the players are completing the tasks. Probably chewed more spider than gum on that island.Upon consuming a Gobblegum. I don't really want this. Strange voice announces arrival of fresh supplies.Upon receiving a Max Ammo. Richtofen tried to kill my beloved Maxis. 29:33. Oooooh boy. The plan will succeed. This should do job. ...Did you enjoy it?Said when the players complete the Valkyrie Drone task. 115 is packing more and more heat all the time!Upon getting a kill with a Pack-a-Punched weapon. The ones we retrieved after our journey to the island?Richtofen: Worry not. Takeo: Respectfully, Nikolai. Stop shooting... that hurts... what do you want? Said while the players are completing the tasks.I can see you. Nothing quite like a shotgun blast to put the mind at ease!Upon receiving a shotgun from the mystery box. Oh and one last thing! You all fought in World War 1. Without munitions, my fortunes may soon take turn for the worse.Upon running out of ammo. Said upon pressing the button on the computer after placing the code units.Proceeding with Ascension phase 2. It has been so long...I miss him.Said to the player while searching for the code units. I was so wrong!After traveling through the sewer system. Okay, here's a quick cheat sheet. Lead a horse to water, can't make 'em drink. The universe... is big. I didn't know Russia had these machines...Upon drinking Juggernog. Disarm them! Beginning information extraction.Said after Dr. Gersh is captured. Why don't you show yourself, Monty? Before the bombs fell, before she was taken from us.In response to Nikolai 1.0 in the ending cutscene. Call of Duty Zombies is a first-person shooter survival mode developed by … Human translations with examples: castle, 04gorod, blood dis, blood test, gorod krovi, blood tests, tests, blood. I gotta get me some cheap supplies!Upon receiving Fire Sale. Detecting Valkyrie Drones in area.Said at the beginning of a Valkyrie Drone round. *Sigh* You know what I'm referring to.Richtofen: I'm going to have to ask you to trust me, Nikolai. I have a terrible feeling that even you don't know why you do the things you do.Richtofen: Trust me, Nikolai. AUUUUUUUUUUGH!!! Thank you for your assistance. He's been in the house for ages... but don't tell him. You have clawed at my body for the last time.Upon getting hit by a zombie. Whichever works for you!Upon getting hit by a zombie. Hey, bone-jaws! How she became a machine, I know not. Should I question origin of this unexpected gift?Upon receiving a Max Ammo. Except when there is.Upon picking up a part. The important thing is that she appears to control much of the technology in this, uh, area.In response to S.O.P.H.I.A. I'm guessing that did not take care of fire-breathing dragon in sky?Upon receiving a Nuke. Warning: Valkyrie Drones detected.Said at the beginning of a Valkyrie Drone round. AUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGH!! Groph Module under attack.Said when a Groph Module is taking damage. !Said while S.O.P.H.I.A extracts information from him. Takeo: I would not dare to presume, but I think I understand some of what you must feel, Nikolai.Nikolai: I look around me and I see my country consumed by madness. A weapon perfectly suited for a man that does not have time to aim. Your guns are very loud. There are certain things that you can't ever change Nikolai, all I ask is that you do the right thing. So, besides the changes to your own outlook, have you noticed a change in Richtofen? Said when trying to insert a code cylinder into the wrong Groph Module Launch Control console.Invalid cylinder code for this terminal. Summaries "In the latest episode of the Zombies experience 'Gorod Krovi', the Origins characters are hurled into an alternate, war-torn Stalingrad where Element 115 has wreaked havoc over a battlefield littered with the remnants of a battle between mechanized soldiers and deadly dragons controlled by … Thought your armor made you tough? Said when the dragon is leaving a platform.Dragon is airborne. Do it.Said when the players are given the Russian Mangler task. Testing, testing, tes - do you hear me? Attempted use of unauthorized cylinder code.Said when trying to insert a code cylinder into the wrong Groph Module Launch Control console. I'm only talking to you right now. Right through the throat!Upon getting a headshot. It is... enhanced.Upon picking up the Guard of Fafnir. See, he's probably off doing his own thing right now, anyway. I suggest Richtofen!When surrounded. Said when interacting with a Groph Module Launch Control console without a code cylinder.Provide cylinder code for Module deployment. Some things are forgotten for a REASON!In response to Nikolai in the ending cutscene, right before shooting him. Said when the dragon egg cools off after incubating.Incubation complete. I have located a malfunctioning Valkyrie scout, previously trapped in temporal space. It takes mind off wrongs. Directed by Corky Lehmkuhl. From the ashes we can rebuild.Upon repairing a barrier. Hey there monkey! Threat non-compliant.Said when attacking a player. Secure the transfer parts required in order to activate the terminals.Said when interacting with a dragon console before acquiring the dragon network controller parts. Said we all needed the blood vials.Richtofen: I was right! This city... has seen more in its share of pain. You can make this work.Upon receiving a Sniper Rifle from the Mystery Box. Definitely.While repairing a barricade. I was wrong. Curse you, Richtofen! I'm Dr. Monty. Specifically, what you plan to do all with all our souls rattling around in the Summoning Key?Richtofen: The House. You poke, you prod! Gersch, Sophia & More Quotes - Gorod Krovi Audio Files (Black Ops 3 Storyline) - Duration: 21:19. The loop must be closed.Said after completing all of the tasks and before the fight against the dragon. No dice, huh? I know you went through a rough time saying goodbye to yourself. I will not share them, they are not encouraging. The paradox must be resolved. Notice I didn't say shooting, cuz I NEED FUCKING AMMO FOR THAT.Upon Running out of ammo. Nikolai and Takeo run through a corridor, followed closely by Richtofen. Regardless of what happens this day, I sense our journey will soon be over.Said upon starting Round 3 on Solo. A metaphorical hammer. Are you demons?Upon reaching the boss fight. As a child, I scavenged for food, not because I was starved but because I was greedy.Upon picking up a part. Incubate my egg, incubate!When putting the Dragon Egg in the incubator. Detecting presence.Said when seeing a player. 21:19. Did someone just say Maxis?When hearing S.O.P.H.I.A for the first time. I know how hard you've been trying but I really can't be sure exactly why you're doing it! Mine is very... uh, broken. Return to dragon command to proceed to phase 2.Said upon collecting the final code unit. All coexisting at exactly the same time. Hey there!
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