The coldest place was Volary in the Å umava Mountains in South Bohemia, where minus 8.5 degrees Celsius was measured. ]During this month, the average temperaturestarts off at -1.5°C, created by highs of 1°C during the daytime and lows of -4°C after dark. Show weather … Dusk around 4:30 p.m. in December and January (4:15 p.m. at Christmas), 5:30 p.m. in February. The average temperature in February which is the coldest month of the year is -5.7°C (21.7°F). In the north, in the Sudetes mountainous area, on the border with Poland, temperatures decrease with altitude, especially in summer: at 800 meters (2,600 feet) above sea level, summer is cool, and the daytime temperature is typically around 18 °C (64 °F). Here are the average temperatures on the top … Winters are cold, cloudy, icy and wet with freezing temperatures. How Much Does It Rain In Prague In Summer? The EU-wide average unemployment rate is now 6.7% – considerably higher than that of the Czech Republic, but still a large improvement over the end of 2015, when the average Europe-wide unemployment rate was 9.1%.. Due to differences in the way unemployment rates are calculated, the numbers published by Eurostat differ from those put out by local authorities including the Czech … Radzyn in Poland and Doksany in the Czech Republic also recorded new national highs, with temperatures hitting 38.2C and 38.9C respectively. Of 146 weather stations keeping records for 30 years or more, 41 saw new lows. The French city of Bordeaux hits its highest temperature since records began with 41.2C (106.1F). And the lowest temperature ever recorded in summer is 2°C, which was recorded in June and July. Average temperature yesterday: 31 °F. The lowest temperature recorded is -43.5°C (-46.3°F). Czech winter usually lasts from mid-November through mid-March. High & Low Weather Summary for the Past Weeks Temperature Humidity Pressure; High: 59 °F (Nov 14, 2:00 pm) 100% (Nov 14, 5:30 pm) ... More about our weather records. The warmest temperature ever recorded in Prague in January is 16°C and the coldest January was a bitterly cold -20°C. Record low temperatures for August 27 were registered in many parts of the Czech Republic on Monday morning. -Czech Republic: 101.3 degrees at ... where weather records extend back to 1900, recorded its all-time warmest low temperature for any … Highest and Lowest Temperatures in January In Prague. The highest point in the Czech Republic is Mount Snežka, 1,603 meters (5,259 feet) high. ... set in the Czech Republic ... new records for the lowest amount of rainfall ever recorded… Prague Weather History for the Previous 24 Hours. Prague experiences high rainfall in summer, with an average of 65mm falling over the course of 17 rainy days each month. Other Interactive Gardening Maps and Data for Czech Republic Czech Republic Record High/Low Fahrenheit Map Interactive Map of Czech Republic Last Frost Dates Interactive Map of Czech Republic First Frost Dates Czech Republic Hardiness Zone Map The sub-zero temperatures of the country in winter are due to the monsoon winds which make the region extremely cold resulting in the country being perennially frigid. Winter Weather in the Czech Republic.
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