Clear red alder tends to be pricier as compared to the knotty one. ASH. The seaside alder is cultivated in moist soil with full or partial sun exposure. Close [] { } ... Wood Stains, Sealers & Clear Topcoats ... Due to individual computer monitor limitations, colors seen here may not accurately reflect the selected stain. Even though alder can be considered bland with no real character, it can be impressive when stained and lacquered. Some people consider this look blotchy while others think it complements the natural features of the wood. Unlike other alder trees, this type of alder is not cultivated for its wood. Also called the California alder and Sierra alder, the white alder is a thin-leafed tree, native to western North America. The following wood species are arranged in alphabetical order. To be specific, the tree is widely distributed from Pakistan to Nepal to Bhutan to Yunnan and to southwest China. In addition to leaves, the tree is admired for its glossy, brownish red branches which tend to blossom catkins and small cone-shaped fruits. Unfortunately, it is a short-lived tree which grows round pale to dark green leaves, tiny catkins, and small fruits. White Alder Wood. This type of wood gets affected by pests, especially by alder flea beetles. Red Oak Wood: It is a light to medium brown, commonly with a reddish cast. … For example, the ashes of the burnt tree leaves can be served as a tooth cleaner. Red alder is the most abundant hardwood timber in the Pacific Northwest. When Alder is cut, its wood changes color from white to orange to red, giving the appearance of bleeding, and it is thus associated with "Fear Dearg" - the "Red Man" who, according to Celtic legend, helps humans lost in the Otherworld to escape back to this reality. To distinguish red alder trees from their counterparts, it is important to note that they are a broad-leaf tree with a medium size and the ability to grow up to 24 meters. However, it can also grow on sand, clay, and gravel. Each type of wood has a characteristic color and grain pattern, and the color also can be altered with stain. Rustic Walnut Walnut is a very hard and elegant wood that can be used in a wide variety of applications from entertainment centers to kitchens. Cabinetmakers prize alder for its workability, affordability and adaptability. I generally select neutral colors when I am painting a room with natural wood details, whether cabinets or stain-grade trim. You can find red alder wood in two kinds: clear red alder and knotty red alder. For this reason, birch cabinets are among the most affordable of all cabinets. Closely related to the red alder, the white alder is again a medium-sized tree with strong, gray bark which becomes scaly as it ages. I strongly recommend against using any kind of wood stain on Maple, Alder, Pine, and Cherry unless you are familiar with various seal-coat techniques. It takes finishes almost exactly the same as cherry and the same range of colors works well on it. In fact, its seeds are sown for its gorgeous white scented flowers and toothed leaves. This odorless wood works like Black Cherry; for example, both of them possess great finishing and staining characteristics. Pining. The colors shown are for reference purposes only. PADIGLIONE AGRICOLO BRESSANELLA by a25architetti. Both the male and female flowers (catkins) are produced on this tree in the season of autumn. Unlike cherry wood, red finishing of alder wood doesn’t darken as it ages, proving to be long-lasting and durable for good. It is interesting to note that this light-brown wood with striking grain patterns came into limelight as a more affordable alternative to cherry wood, and that’s exactly how alder wood got its common name “poor man’s cherry”. Ironically, there was a time when cabinet makers would enthusiastically use amber-toned alder wood to give it off remarkable reddish-colored finishing which resembled cherry wood in appearance. The green alder is not only lauded for its physical properties; green alder wood is exceedingly useful as it is used in the construction of furniture, manufacturing cabinets and charcoal, and smoking salmons. Always test stain on a hidden area of the wood to verify desired color. Red Alder Wood: Red Alder tends to be a light tan to reddish-brown; color darkens and reddens with age. Also known as Alnus glutinosa, the black alder is European alder, belonging to the Betulaceae family. Hello Hiram! The open pores of alder also lend to the easy application of lacquer coats. The wood obtained from this tree is used for the purposes of firewood in which the wood is brunt quite rapidly and for making charcoals. Keep in mind that for healthy growth, the tree needs proper sunlight, regular watering, and seeds ideally sown in spring. In addition to cabinets, alder wood is also used for the construction of windows, doors, trims, and beam wraps. Clear Alder is a light hardwood with no knots, having a grain pattern similar to Cherry. This alder is know as "clear" and is highly regarded by woodworkers and consumers alike. Stain Colors. Please note that the leaf base is asymmetric while the leaf margin is serrated. The lumber is widely available and typically sold in … Large aggregate rays appear as occasional small streaks on the face grain that can be mistaken for defects in the wood. Alder is often used as a face-frame material on birch plywood cabinets. If you want to make the most of the wood and leaves of the green alder, you can cultivate your very own green alder tree. On the other hand, the bark of this type of alder is used for dyeing and tanning as it is packed with 16 to 20% of tannic acid. As it is common with other trees thriving near rivers and lakes, typical black alder maintains its leaves longer than trees in drylands. Alder is the common name of a genus of flowering plants, Alnus, belonging to the birch family Betulaceae.The genus comprises about 35 species of monoecious trees and shrubs, a few reaching a large size, distributed throughout the north temperate zone with a few species extending into Central America, as well as the northern and southern Andes. 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Giving your home a perfect color palette goes beyond paint. Lacquer penetrates alder fast and hardens inside the pores to provide a glassy coating.
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